Finance & Equity

Integrity, Transparency and Efficiency


BRDA works advising families on financial and patrimonial planning, to ensure preservation of the legacy.

It acts in a way to align the interests of families, analyzing their financial needs and helping them to choose customized strategies that preserve and increase their patrimony with safety. We act with integrity and transparency to offer more security and tranquility though all process.


Financial, Patrimonial and Inheritance Planning

Financial planning, patrimonial and inheritance are essential to understand the purpose of each family, its financial moment and yearnings. It is from a deep balance that the possibilities of investments are created, and the advice defines, in a customized way, the most efficient strategies for the families according to their goals.

Financial Advisory

Financial advice assists people in making decisions regarding their patrimony evaluating the best investment alternative in each case.

Consolidation of Portfolios

The consolidation of portfolios analyses and monitors the performance of investments.

Financial Education

Financial education allows that families acknowledge their patrimony. We teach finance and investments to all member of the family, specially to young ones, to assist in perpetuation of their legacy.


Anna Carolina Ramos Breda, Bachelor of Economics from PUC, post-graduate in Finance (USP – FIPE) and MBA in Finance from the University of Grenoble (France), is certified by the FPSB as a Financial Planner (CFP®) and is the founder of BRDA – a multi-family office.

Anna counts on the experience of family counseling for over 18 years, shared in 11 years into a single family-office from a business relevance family in Brazil, and 4 years as an associated of TNA Gestão Patrimonial.

BRDA is moving towards its third year of life, being the result of knowledge and experience assisting different families in the maintenance and growth of their heritage.



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